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Honors & Awards 

Welcome to my Honors and Awards section!
This is the highlight of my accomplishments over the years. It reflects my creative abilities and dedication in providing the best solution to catalyse positive change for people, society, and nature.

D&AD New Blood Awards, Dinh Huy Designer, Đình Huy

D&AD New Blood Awards

D&AD (Global Association for Design and Art Direction)

•  Award: Silver (Graphite Pencil)

•  Project: Quack - Let's green our world, tackle Climate Change

Design and Art Direction, formerly known as British Design and Art Direction, is a British educational organisation that was created in 1962 to promote excellence in design and advertising. Its main offices are in Spitalfields in London. It is most famous for its annual awards, the D&AD Pencils

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UX Design Awards 2023 | Nominated

IDZ (International Design Center Berlin)

•  Award: Nominated​ 2023

•  Project: PUCO - Pufferfish Career Counselling

The UX Design Awards foster the impact experience design has on shaping our lives, products and services. Originating in 2008 as a show for good usability, we established the Awards in 2015. Ever since, the UX Design Awards have been honoring exceptional experiences and presenting UX talent across the world.

Awards Link: 

UX Design Awards, Dinh Huy Designer, Đình Huy
London Design Awards, Dinh Huy Designer, Đình Huy

London Design Awards 2023

IAA (International Awards Associate)

•  Award: Silver Winner

•  Project: PUCO - Pufferfish Career Counselling

​The 2023 London Design Awards, an international competition that recognises exceptional designs and outstanding creative projects worldwide has been recently opened for entries inviting product designers, architects, interior designers, graphic designers, UX / UI designers and any designers of all background to participate.

The Decolonising Design Competition

Lincoln Library & School of Design

•  Award: Silver Winner

•  Winning Project: Decolonility

The colonisation design competition was held by the Lincoln Library and School of Design at UoL. The purpose of competition is to find the best idea in order to help amplify marginalised voices in the university library to students not only at the University of Lincoln but also in England.

Decolonisation Competition, Dinh Huy Designer, Đình Huy
LPAC Competition, Dinh Huy Awards, Đình Huy

LPAC Design Competition

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

•  Award: Silver Winner

•  Winning Project: Serendipity - My beautiful memory

Lincoln Arts Centre is the University of Lincoln’s public arts centre with a focus on talent development, innovation and research. A home for new contemporary performance, the next generation of artists and new artistic ideas.

The Civic University Team Award

The University Merit Awards

•  Award: Civic University Team of the Year

•  Team: Pint of Science

•  Project: Future Filters - Virus Velcro

University of Lincoln, Dinh Huy Designer, Đình Huy
Dinh Huy Portrait

Success is a journey, not a destination!

I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for the unwavering support and encouragement that has propelled me to achieve remarkable milestones. Your belief in my abilities has been a constant source of inspiration, driving me to push beyond my limits and reach new heights.
Without your unwavering support, I would not have had the courage to pursue my dreams and witness the incredible achievements that have unfolded before me.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me and being an integral part of my journey.

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